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THAT #4 is on its way!

Emerging like a young cicada from its underground rest, THAT 4 is getting ready to soar to new heights and sing its song far and wide. Contributors to this remarkable metamorphosis of words and images include John Allman, Richard Cole, Wei He, Cindy Knoebel, Richard Luftig, Vytautas Malesh, Jessica (Tyner) Mehta, Amanda Moore, Joseph Murphy, Martina Reisz Newberry, Anca Vlaspolos, and loads of others. Check back for the full web issue at the end of March 2019, with print soon to follow.


A veritable cornucopia of fun and surprises, THAT #3 awaits, overflowing with work by Kara Dennison, Lynn Levy, Logan Chace, Dick Bentley, Tobi Alfier, Fierce Sonia, Daniel Ableev, Tom Spencer, Matt Androvett, Tom O’Brien, Alice Russell, Jane Lake, and many others.


Confront THAT #2, a whirlwind of poetry, prose, and visuals to entertain and amaze. Be prepared for the mysterious and the wonderful.

Featuring work by Tobi Alfier, Laurie Byro, John Chavers, Christine Butterworth-McDermott, Ken Craft, Sarah Freligh, Tom Montag, Richard Kostelanetz, Kaela Martin, and much more. . . .


Our premiere issue is available here. Find out what everyone is talking about!