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About THAT

THAT Literary Review is affiliated with the Department of English and Philosophy and the College of Arts and Sciences at Auburn University at Montgomery. Published annually, THAT is free online and print copies may be ordered at minimal cost.

W. B. Gerard, General Editor

W. B. Gerard teaches the Fiction Workshop and directs graduate creative theses at Auburn University at Montgomery. A battered survivor of workshops with John Gardner and Frank McCourt, he publishes short fiction and scholarship, the latter primarily on the eighteenth-century and the writer Laurence Sterne. In his spare time, he teaches, edits the semi-annual review journal The Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats, and sings sea chanteys with his gourami, Chum.
Email: editor@thatliteraryreview.com


Jim Hilgartner, Fiction Editor

James M. Hilgartner is an Associate Professor of English at Huntingdon College. In a previous existence he taught ESL in New York state and New England, in Paris, and in Lisbon. His affinity for foreign languages and cultures inspired a move to Alabama. He has published in a number of literary journals, and has twice been awarded the Fellowship in Literature from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Since 2015 he has served as Fiction Editor of THAT Literary Review.
Email: jimhilgartner@thatliteraryreview.com


Joyce Kelley, Poetry Editor

Joyce Kelley is an associate professor of English at Auburn University at Montgomery. She has recently published a book with Ashgate on the women modernists and travel called Excursions into Modernism. She lives in Montgomery where she balances her time teaching, playing cello, and acting out scenes from movies with stuffed animals as directed by a preschooler. She was previously the poetry editor of THIS Literary Review, but left for a more lucrative position with THAT.
Email: joycekelley@thatliteraryreview.com


Seth Reno, Associate Editor

Seth Reno has been a lover of literature since the Goosebumps series premiered in 1992. He won several notable awards, including the coveted Power of the Pen, in middle school before becoming a local musician in a small, rural Ohio town, and then went on to study poetry and literature at Ohio State, where he earned his PhD in 2011. He is now faculty at Auburn University at Montgomery, specializing in British Romanticism, poetry and poetics, ecocriticism, affect theory, and Anthropocene studies.
Email: sethreno@thatliteraryreview.com


Barbara Wiedemann, Editor-at-Large

Barbara Wiedemann, professor emerita at Auburn University at Montgomery, has published three chapbooks—Half-Life of Love (2008), Sometime in October (2010), and Death of a Pope and Other Poems (2013)—all with Finishing Line Press. In addition, over sixty of her poems have appeared in journals and anthologies. However, most of her time is devoted to entertaining and outwitting her willful and energetic dog.


Abbie Bellman, Assistant Editor

Abigail "Abbie" Bellman is a graduate of Huntingdon College, where was Editor-in-Chief for Huntingdon College's literary magazine, The Prelude. She has been published in various literary magazines and has received multiple recognition for her short fiction pieces. Currently she lives in Birmingham with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Thor, where she works as a Technical Writer. She aspires to one day publish her own full length book.
Email: abigailbellman@thatliteraryreview.com


Kim Leifer, Assistant Editor

Kim is a graduate student in the Master of Teaching Writing program, and teaching assistant in the Composition Department at AUM. When she's not teaching or doing her own homework, she's working on her collection of unusual hobbies, which revolve around recreating clothing and material goods from pre-1066 Scandinavia and England. She loves making glass beads, sewing, and has never met a skein of wool yarn she didn't love (or own, according to her husband).
Email: kimleifer@thatliteraryreview.com


Deric Sallas, Assistant Editor

Deric Sallas is a graduate teaching assistant and MLA candidate, currently working on his thesis, at Auburn University at Montgomery. He has served as an editorial assistant for The Mark Twain Journal and NewSouth Books, and has been an assistant fiction editor for THAT since 2015. In addition to being an avid collector of vintage hand tools, Deric is also an enthusiastic traveler who revels in places with an excessive number of bookstores and miniature trash cans.
Email: deric.sallas@gmail.com


Matthew S. Shoemaker, Assistant Editor

Matthew Shoemaker is an adjunct instructor who teaches composition and masters student at Auburn University at Montgomery. His ultimate focus of study will be determined by how well his thesis goes over, but he’s generally interested in how we know that things are things and not not-things. He is both an Air Force and Starbucks veteran, and spends his spare time drinking coffee while maintaining a constant, razor-sharp sense of existential dread.
Email: matthewshoemaker@thatliteraryreview.com


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